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Wedding abroad vs wedding UK


Getting married is one of the biggest and happiest events in people’s lives. Months, if not years, go into the planning for that one perfect day where amazing memories are made to last a lifetime.


It’s only natural to want everything to be perfect on your wedding day: from the dress to the table decorations, there are decisions to be made everywhere. The setting of that one special day is one of the biggest considerations to make, so we have compiled this handy guide to help you decide whether a wedding abroad or closer to home is right for you:


5 good reasons to get married in the UK


  1. The amazing locations: say what you want about the climate abroad, you can’t beat some of these amazing UK locations. From Abbeys to beach settings, the history and beauty of our Isle makes it a strong contender.


  1. Face to face: do you like the idea of being able to pop into the venue and have a chat with the events organiser? Or being able to speak to all parties responsible for your big day face to face? Home wins on this count.


  1. Everyone included: you may have older relatives who struggle to travel or friends with young children, if you want everyone to be able to join in, planning locally is the way to go.


  1. Best dress: there are no luggage requirements to have to worry about for a local wedding, not to mention the prospect of losing important accessories on the luggage carousel!


  1. Environmentally friendly: getting married at home offers the opportunity to source locally, not to mention the carbon miles you save in avoiding air travel!


5 good reasons to get married abroad


  1. The weather: one of the things that encourages many to seek warmer climes is the glorious weather going abroad can offer. Sunset selfies? Sorted.


  1. Destinations: from exotic backdrops to romantic hillside churches a la Mamma Mia, the world is your oyster when planning your wedding abroad and the possibilities are endless…


  1. The research: so much wedding research has to be done on a computer or by trawling around fairs, but what if the research was actually a holiday? It could be the perfect excuse to take a minibreak, ahem, research your destination.


  1. Keeping it small: for some, the prospect of organising a big ‘do is all too much. The perks of doing it abroad, are that it gives the opportunity to keep your guest list to a select few.


  1. It’s for more than just the day! One of the certain benefits to getting married abroad is that you and your guests have a week together to celebrate and savour the occasion as well as the beautiful setting.


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