A Lifestyle PA is more affordable than you think.

A Lifestyle PA is more affordable than you think.

Stamping out the PA illusions

Lifestyles Personal Assistants (PA) tend to be seen as runarounds for the rich and famous. We know celebrities have one but we never see their name or photo in the paper. But what is the reality of having a PA at home and do you really need to earn a certain income to employ one?

In today’s society; stresses are mountable. From juggling work, combatting transport links, busy home life with parenthood, often time spent socializing is pushed to the bottom of the agenda; as for hobbies or something ‘fun’ it becomes as dormant as the screensaver on your laptop.

Although we may dabble in hiring cleaners or gardeners our reluctance to employ someone who can help us manage our stress loads is palpable but it doesn’t have to be. Lifestyle PA’s offers the chance to focus on what is really important, be it your career to your role as a parent, friend or a relative at a special occasion. A Lifestyle PA helps you to turn your efforts to what time otherwise passes by on; helping you with errands, jobs around the house, party organization, travel bookings etc.. It gives you the chance to breathe a little and do the things you love!

Stress Awareness Month

Stress can have an catastrophic impact on your health as well as your relationships. In light of April’s Stress Awareness Month; give yourself opportunity to identify the stresses in your life, isolating what is stressful, how you could manage it and time constraints. You will be surprised by the answers you write down.

I conducted a similar exercise with a pilot group of ‘busy professionals’ asking how stressed they felt, what were the main stress conductors and how they would destress/or like to destress from them.

Their answers? ‘Getting on top of their ‘to do’ list, not enough hours in the day and too much time spent at work’. After working, they just wanted to come home and relax, creating a mountain of extra jobs come the weekend. A weekend that would otherwise be dedicated to socializing, day trips or hobby events.

Affordability and Time saving

Delegating mundane jobs can significantly alleviate stress levels; helping you to focus and concentrate on what is important, what you enjoy and what is paramount in your life. The most common questions I get asked is ‘how much is a Lifestyle PA’, and ‘I can’t possible afford someone to do what I can do for free’. My advice is always the same: how much do you truly value your time? For the price of a takeaway not only can you reduce stress to concentrate on more exciting and profitable tasks but it can help you maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Lifestyle PA’s are not for the rich and famous; they are for any one person who wants to reduce stress and make time for what is precious in life.

If you’d like help to alleviate your stress levels and reduce your busy agenda, freeing up time for yourself, hobbies and people that matter the most, email me at:

Maxine@mhconcierge.co.uk or call 07863 235 901 and I’d love to bring happiness to your door, one day at a time!

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Spring forward into happiness

Spring forward into happiness

The snow may have consumed the UK, but Spring is actually here!

From little lambs jumping (albeit in snow) to the subtle changes in mother nature, (oh and my birthday), Spring is a fantastic month to kick start that go-happy attitude!

With those daffodil bulbs popping up everywhere (always around Mother’s Day!) to the sudden wardrobe change; Spring jumps into action like Peter Rabbit!

And what better a season to celebrate National Happiness Day then in Spring. Come March 20th; people everywhere will be declaring their odes to happiness. In commiseration of this fantastic event, I asked a group of people the following questions; with some remarkable answers:

What makes you happy?

Most people told me it was ‘spending quality time with their family and friends’ and ‘having a clean and de-cluttered house’.

What would make you happier?

‘Less focus on work’, more time on themselves in terms of health and fitness and hobbies.

Do you have time to do the things that make you happy?

‘No, not as much as I’d like’. ‘Spare time is very limited with a busy job and family’.

National Happiness Day is about making time to spend on things you love. Why not set aside some time on March 20th to take part in one of those happy moments; sharing your happiness with the one’s who mean the most, or finding time doing the things you love but never have time to do!

And even better?

Why not carry this on? Look at your week or month ahead and diarise key ‘happy’ time moments just like you’d schedule a meeting at work.

You will be amazed how a few hours help each week or month could improve your happiness!

If you’d like help making a plan to manage your time more effectively or taking care of the things you dislike, freeing up time for yourself, hobbies and people that matter the most, email me at: 

 Maxine@mhconcierge.co.uk  or call 07863 235 901 and I’d love to bring happiness to your door, one day at a time!


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Why you should review your finances

Why you should review your finances


Why you should review your finances

Wouldn’t it be great if we could grow our own money tree? Would you nurture it or just leave it to its own devises? No matter how much or how little disposable income you have it’s always wise to review what you are spending your hard earned money on. You could be wasting it on items you really shouldn’t. Busy people often waste money as they do not have the time to look into and review things. Always rushing and often making bad choices on purchases.

I’ve been working with a new client this month who, is currently on my gold service package. We’ve been working on an action plan for the year to make him more organised. We’ve covered everything from finances to staying healthy. I’ve saved him £350 pa on gas and electric and £200per month on his food and social life waste! My services have more than paid for themselves. I have now have a happy client who is healthy, wealthy and more organised than he has ever been!

Top things that are worth reviewing.

  1. Gas and electric – review yours when you come to the end of deal review it, set a date the month before as a reminder. It’s really easy to compare these days.
  2. Holiday and phone insurance – Review yours, some people have appliances like phones and tablets covered on their house insurance, check it out.
  3. If you have savings -Where are they ?Are they in the best place for your future , short and long term .
  4. Food -How much are you spending on your groceries, could you get them cheaper or better quality elsewhere? If not review what you are buying each week. Are you throwing several items away? Tot them up, it all adds up!
  5. Lunch – Are you buying lunch out alot? How about a few times a week make your own meal? Grabbing food on the go is expensive and usually unhealthy.
  6. After works drinks – Does a quick drink after work happen more than a few times a month? Does it turn into all night? Maybe a few times a week? Have fun and be social but set yourself a limit to how often.
  7. Coffee – How many times do you grab’Costa’? I have one client that goes 3 times a day! Try taking a coffee in a flask in the morning.
  8. Debt – Look at your  credit card deal? Is it worth balance transferring ? There are great deals around.

With all the savings build an emergency fund. What if things in the house or car start to go wrong. This fund could save you!

If you’re too busy to look into to saving money, let me do the research for you. Maybe you’d like someone to sit down with you, and go through ideas. If you need a helping hand please contact Maxine on:

Telephone: 07863 235 901
Email: maxine@mhconcierge.co.uk

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New Year, New Action Plan

Plan Prepare Action

Personal Concierge Services Berkshire And Buckinghamshire

New Year Resolutions

Do you find yourself making yet another New Year resolution only to stumble at the first hurdle you come across? Most resolutions end up discarded, pushed aside or shelved for another year and why? Because the resolutions are unrealistic and simply not sustainable.

It’s almost as if we create ‘fantasies’ just to test ourselves. But that doesn’t mean they’re not achievable.

Prepare, plan and action

The beginning of a New Year is the perfect time to plan and prepare for up and coming events, topics and goals; outlining what you want to achieve, how you can accomplish it and how to measure the overall results.

It’s about setting a realistic goal and accomplishing it!

The key for any resolution is to make a list of what you want to do and the steps you need to take to achieve it. They don’t have to be set in stone, but give you a guide to work with. Think about:

  • Breaking your goal(s) into smaller chucks, take each smaller goal within the main one and give it them a time frame that’s much easier to maintain and achieve
  • Be specific with why you want to achieve each resolution and your main objective of reaching it
  • Listing potential hurdles that could get in the way of you achieving your goals, and create processes to overcome them
  • Being creative but realistic
  • Planning how you will achieve your goal including any cost implications or event clashes
  • Measuring the pros and cons of your resolution
  • Most of all, take that leap of faith, if you want it bad enough it’s worth working and planning for!

Make this year the year that you WILL fulfill that resolution, create your action plan first and succeed!

If your’e desperate to be organised, need help sticking to a healthy eating or fitness plan or you just  need an ‘extra pair of hands’ to make your life run smoothly;  resulting  in a happier  more organised you, then, leave it to Maxine Holmes Personal Concierge to spread the fairy magic. 

Contact Maxine for a friendly chat on :

07863 235 901



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How to find the perfect gift at Christmas

Gift Wrapped

Find The Perfect Gift

How to find the perfect gift at Christmas

Christmas may be the most wonderful time of the year, but it can also be the most stressful time of year. From arranging countless parties to the organisation of gifts; temptation to grab a mulled wine can get quite alleviated! Choosing that right gift for a friend, loved one or even a family member can be quite daunting especially in a shopping climate when the options are phenomenal! And how much do you spend? It then becomes a battle of sentiment over value!

Choosing the perfect Christmas gift

However, you can choose the perfect gift and all it takes is a simple list! Map out exactly who you need to buy for, what your budget is and the rest will come naturally. You will look at that pen frantically scribbling across the paper and once you see it in black and white, you will suddenly feel excited instead of stressed. Below are just a few pointers to get you started:

  • Write down who you need to buy for
  • Allocate a budget for each person
  • Write down three words that would describe each person
  • Write down their favourite colour or a colour that you think they would like
  • Note down any hobbies, interests or niches that they love
  • Make a note if they like bought or homemade presents
  • Write down sentimental gift ideas & items you could make within a realistic timeframe
  • Decide if you would like to create a themed gift such as gifts that are all one colour or smell
  • Make a separate list of gifts you can think of such as a day out, a product, a treatment etc
  • See if you can match your gifts with your name list
  • Choose wrapping that matches the style of the gift be it the colour, the type of gift or the theme

And last but not least, always give yourself plenty of time to wrap! This works well with a calming Christmas CD and a glass of mulled wine or hot chocolate by your side!

If the thought of all this is still daunting, leave it to Maxine Holmes Personal Concierge to spread the fairy magic.  If you need a hand, ordering, fetching,  delivering, wrapping , organising or  help with anything over the Christmas period please do get in touch on:

07863 235 901


Have a very ‘merry’ stress-free Christmas.


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How To Achieve A Stress-Free Christmas – Yes It Can Be Done!

How To Achieve A Stress-Free Christmas – Yes It Can Be Done!

How to achieve a stress-free Christmas – Yes it can be done!

It is that time of year when Slade and Wham are on repeat 24/7; decorations are piled high in dilapidated boxes dragged out of the attic and you know that time is running out! But what can you do? Before you reach for the eggnog/mulled wine/vodka let’s get organised! Giving you that stress-free Christmas and a season to truly be jolly!

One-month preparation begins now:

  • Give yourself enough time to prepare, plan & deliver invitations for a Xmas gathering
  • Be brutal and use November to declutter and clean the house ready for the swarm of activity
  • Give yourself time to test and purchase new Christmas lights and make your tree truly sparkle!
  • Always buy more Christmas cards than you need – they really are timeless
  • Better still, start writing those cards pulling in relatives and friends to help with writer’s cramp!
  • Christmas lists will help assess who you need to buy for and what budget you need to accommodate
  • Shop around before you commit. Chances are if one shop stocks an item, five others will too!
  • Try to wrap your gifts little and often, in front of the TV, listening to music; making the tasks joyful!
  • Start looking around for that perfect Christmas outfit – there will be plenty around!
  • Plan and prepare your meals and snacks for Christmas, buying a piece each week to save that manic shop!

The month is upon us:

  • Assign a weekend preferably at the beginning of December to put up the decorations and spend the days listening to music for motivation
  • Schedule online purchases to be delivered at the beginning of the month giving contingency time frames!
  • Research and ask around for local butchers or tree yards – supporting your community in the process
  • Get in contact with friends and family and confirm gathering dates and times
  • Delegate Christmas responsibilities – who will cook, who will buy gifts for whom – help is always available if you only ask!
  • Purchase last minute snacks and more perishable foods – you can never have enough food in the house
  • And breath – always find time for yourself to immerse yourself in the season and enjoy the festivities

Christmas will always be a stressful time of year but the key is to manage and prepare for the big day! Note taking and list making can help offload the stress and give you a good night’s sleep! Prepare and execute little and often – Christmas can truly be the most wonderful time of year…if only you let it be!

If this all seems too much and you’d rather spend  more of your precious time doing the things that make you happy ,please do get in touch as I love to organise!  especially at Christmas time. I can help with  gift purchsing, wrapping, decorating, ordering, arranging, party planning and much more.

If you would like me to help you achieve a stress-free Christmas, please contact me on:

Telephone: 07863 235 901
Email: maxine@mhconcierge.co.uk

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US vs UK – Effective Time Management

US vs UK – Effective Time Management

US vs UK – Effective Time Management

The American’s seem to live life on a super-fast pace, they like to spend their time doing things that are important, and have painstakingly ensured that all those silly jobs are streamlined. We are following suit in the UK, but still have a way to go!

The US are the masters of the drive-in:

  • Food places
  • Cinemas
  • Dry cleaners
  • Banks!

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The Importance Of A Weekend Break

The Importance Of A Weekend Break

 ‘The Importance of a weekend break’

Last weekend I was lucky enough to take a long weekend break with my family. I had an amazing time at the coast and came back feeling completely refreshed and full of new ideas.

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Taking the pressure off

Taking the pressure off

Example client – Solicitor pregnant with 2nd child

I starting working with Nathalie when she fell pregnant with her 2nd child. Nathalie’s working day was around 12-14hrs. She worked up to 40 weeks pregnant and had another small child in nursery. She did not work weekends, so needed this time to relax and spend with her 2 year old.

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