Giving a Helping Hand

Taking the pressure off

Example client – Solicitor pregnant with 2nd child

I starting working with Nathalie when she fell pregnant with her 2nd child. Nathalie’s working day was around 12-14hrs. She worked up to 40 weeks pregnant and had another small child in nursery. She did not work weekends, so needed this time to relax and spend with her 2 year old.

She was so excited about the new arrival but was drowning in a sea of tasks. When I sat down with Nathalie, she had only a few things on her list she felt she needed help with. As we talked through her day, and then the things she would like to do if she had the time, the list was extensive.

I helped her with day-to-day things that took the pressure off her busy working week. Some of things I helped with were:

  • Researching nurseries, baby items for best deals and quality
  • De-cluttering
  • Returning internet items
  • Updating her passport
  • Saving account forms
  • Waiting in for deliveries
  • Organising things to do with her son at the weekend

Nathalie’s needs have now changed, she is still a client and when she looks back at this time in her life she “doesn’t know what she would have done without me“.

If you would like me to help you as I have Nathalie, please contact me on:

Telephone: 07863 235 901

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