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Make your Airbnb the place to be this Spring

Make your Airbnb the place to be this Spring

Since the company launched in 2009, Airbnb have grown from helping 21,000 guests a year to find a place to stay, to a staggering 6 million. The concept has been mutually popular with guests- looking for an authentic experience and homeowners who are pleased to earn an income on their spare space.

But how easy is it really to let out space in your home? As an experienced Lifestyle PA, I’m pleased to offer you my top tips and advice for getting started:

Getting set up

The Airbnb set-up process is simple: you decide what space in your home you will use to host- this can range from a single bedroom to a whole house; write a description and take some photos; set what dates the space is available; put your hosting live and await your bookings!

Clear the clutter… but keep the character

Whether you are a minimalist or a hoarder, the important thing to remember is that the space that you let needs to be clear of the clutter, but not lacking in character. Personalising the room or space by retaining things that make it special, such as decorative accessories or soft furnishings, yet clearing your personal items away is a great way to keep it feeling homely.

Think of the little touches

As the owner of your home, you will be the expert on what makes it special, whether it’s a sunny bench in the garden for morning coffee or the invigorating power shower you have in the en suite. Guests will be charmed by thoughtful touches that complement these experiences such as a ready-stocked cafetiere or deliciously-scented selection of shower goodies.

Meet and greet

Being a good host is about more than clean sheets and stylish decor (although that certainly helps). Guests always appreciate having a friendly face to meet them on their arrival and introduce them to the area. Having a ‘station’ of local tips such as good routes for walking, restaurants and places to visit, handily displayed will help to make their experience of your area an enjoyable one.

Setting the rules

Finally, utilising the ‘house rules‘ facility on the Airbnb website is a savvy way to ensure your peace of mind when accepting guests. You can add House Rules that guests must agree to before booking which help to set clear expectations of what you deem to be an acceptable use of your property. Happy host, happy guests!

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