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How to manage busy workloads & life

How to manage busy workloads & life

Achieving a work-life balance is no easy feat, particularly if you are working full-time, are a small business owner or have family who need you. The good news is that it can be achieved: with the right planning, organisation and perhaps a little help in the right places.


Here are some top tips for managing workloads when life gets busy:


Prioritise your priorities


Prepare yourself for success early on in the week, or even month, by taking some time with your calendar, a notepad and diary to get your priorities in order. Consider how work and home-life priorities sit together side by side to build a schedule that is mindful of the needs of both.


Often setting things out on paper helps to get enough distance to effectively plan without feeling the pressure of being in the moment. For example: planning dinner with friends in advance means that you can build your schedule around this, rather than having to make a knee-jerk decision on the day.


Plan ahead of time


A stitch in time saves nine as they say, so why not be prepared for when work gets manic by planning ways to make life easier when it does? This could be a task as simple as buying or making meals at the weekend to keep in the freezer for busy weeks which will enable you to still eat healthily and with minimal effort.


Work smarter, not harder


According to advice from the Mental Health Foundation, we should be ‘working smarter, not longer‘. Giving yourself half an hour to do a focused task is often far more productive than spending half a day focusing on five. By ensuring that jobs are tightly prioritised, you can dedicate true attention to one thing at a time and time-draining distractions can be avoided.




Having a successful network of contacts and colleagues around you breeds success, but how can you nurture your network when you are so busy, you barely have time for lunch?


Smart ways to network, even when you are super busy can be as simple as sharing someone’s blog on social media platforms or taking the time to pen a quick, but genuine response email to sustain a working relationship.


If in doubt: delegate!


Too busy to walk the dog? Don’t have time to clean the house, let alone pick up the dry cleaning? Often, delegating these sorts of tasks to professionals can lift a mental weight as well as relieve your packed-out schedule.


Even just having the numbers of professionals you can call on in your diary when you have an intense workload can feel like a safety net if things start to slide. Knowing that things can be back on track with one phone call will help to destress your day.


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