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Fabulous 40: celebrations and bucket lists

Fabulous 40: celebrations and bucket lists

Turning 40 is a little bit like New Year’s Eve: the anticipation, the excitement, the resolutions and the chance to reflect on all of the experiences that have made up the past year (or 40!). Most importantly, a time to celebrate the achievements of all those years and have a suitably decadent party to boot!

As time ticks towards the ‘big’ day, I’m surrounded by a mix of emotions: on the one hand I’m mourning for the 30s I’m leaving behind; the fact that I can’t pass for the early 30-something and being, quite frankly, terrified about having officially reached middle age. On the other I’m glad about what I have to look forward to, the challenges and the opportunities that the next decade will bring.

Whether you believe that 40 is the new 30 or that age is just a number, a positive approach is just the tonic for any birthday woes. I believe that you have to both celebrate your achievements and have exciting things to look forward to.

So, in true organiser mode, I have compiled a list of the top ten things I am proud of and happy about:

  • I’m healthy and happy
  • I am much more confident now than at any other time in my life
  • Being fitter in my soon-to-be 40s than in my 20s!
  • Having two amazing boys
  • I have successfully ran a business for 14 years (and set up a new one whilst managing two children!)
  • Marrying my lovely spouse
  • Buying my first home when I was 21
  • Having a fantastic set of friends
  • Retaking my Pilates qualification
  • Setting up a fitness studio

As I mentioned earlier in my manifesto of positivity, I think it’s important to have exciting things to look forward to at any point in your life, but particularly when nearing your 40th birthday!

As Winston Churchill once said ‘a pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty’. With this in mind, I started to think about constructing a bucket list. I think it’s important to look at a range of ideas: both long and short term to plan your goals effectively. The key is that it doesn’t have to be anything crazy: they can be simple, inexpensive or as big as you like!

Here are my own top 10 ideas for my bucket list:

Long term bucket list (within 3 – 10 years)

  • Visit my friend in New Zealand
  • Take the kids to Florida
  • Visit South America
  • Set up a fitness studio from home


Short term bucket list (within 0-3 years)

  • Start the kitchen-diner refurb
  • Bell tent experience in Cornwall
  • Have an adventure jumping in a cave in Wales
  • Start teaching Pilates courses
  • Explore more at the weekend with the kids: both locally and further afield
  • Visit Cape Town

If you need a helping hand thinking of ideas and making them happen please get in touch with Maxine on:

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