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Best and worst proposals

Best and worst proposals

It should be a prelude to one of the best days of your life, but some proposal experiences have been known to get off to a bit of a shaky start! From red carpets and roses to wet-weather romance, there are proposal stories that will warm your cockles or make your hair stand on end.

In our Spring wedding special blog, MC Concierge takes a look at the very best and worst proposals we could find!

The post-it note

Whilst possibly not the most romantic, this proposal was possibly one of the most thoughtful for a lady who hated being put on the spot. The hallway table was a place where they often left little household notes such as ‘can you get milk’ to each other in the morning. However, on this day it was ‘Will you marry me? Think about it…’

When he arrived home in the evening, the simple answer was waiting on a post-it: ‘yes!’.


The thoughtful treasure hunt

After returning home from work late one evening, Rachel found a note on the door with the first clue, she worked her way around the house finding gifts and notes that represented the years they had been together and their favourite moments.

The final note asked her to call a mystery number and the voice on the other end directed her to head downstairs where her boyfriend was waiting on one knee.

The candlelit romance that didn’t quite go to plan

When Jessye was running some last-minute errands on a rainy Christmas Eve, her partner romantically filled the house with votive candles and rose petals. But when she got home, he was nowhere to be found.

She waited immobile in the doorway, holding her gym bags and shopping- ‘when he finally walked into the room, he literally had to instruct me to close the door and drop my bags- I was in such a state of shock!’ she recalls.


Tips for getting it right


  • The most important ingredients to remember are to make it unique and personal- the rest will follow.
  • It’s normal to be nervous at life-changing moments like these but try to remember that the audience of one – your partner – is the only audience that really matters.
  • If you are planning something precise, it’s best to be organised: for example, if your dream is to propose on a moonlit shore- check your tide tables!
  • Take your time to consider some special touches that are meaningful- is there a significant place you could visit, such as your first date? Or perhaps a special dish you could prepare that echoes a special time you have had together?
  • Most importantly, take the time to enjoy your happy news together, before sharing it with family or social media- this is your special moment as a couple and deserves to be relished!


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