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Making goals – Bucket list – not New Year resolutions

Making goals – Bucket list – not New Year resolutions


It’s the same for many of us at the start of each New Year: on the first day of January, with tender heads & over-indulged bodies, we solemnly swear a variety of oaths to ourselves.

From doing more exercise to taking up a new hobby, resolutions are all well and good, but did you know that half of us are not confident that they will stick to the resolutions set for themselves? It seems that a new approach might be the answer, behold we herald: the Bucket List!

What’s a Bucket List?

From waking up to the Northern lights to swimming with dolphins, everyone has goals and dreams that they would like to achieve before they die.

In fact, many of us carry these ‘bucket lists’ with us mentally every day, dreaming of all of the amazing experiences we would like to have, the sights we wish to see and the goals we wish to achieve.

However, here lies the important distinction between bucket-listing and dreaming: the latter can remain inside one’s head, unfulfilled, but never-the-less hoped for; the former is a written list that gives accountability and the real chance of fulfilment.


Three top tips for making a bucket list

  1. Make it aspirational

Sure, it’s easy to set everyday goals like ‘going on holiday in the summer’, but your bucket list shouldn’t be a place where are constrained by the everyday. A bucket list 

is your opportunity to use your imagination, perhaps even researching dreams that you never even knew were a possibility.

After all, who wants a dull obituary? A top tip is to include a wide variety of goals, from a visit to a place that holds special memories to visiting Lapland, including a range of goals will give depth and meaningfulness to your ultimate list.

  1. Find a place to store it

One of the best things about writing your goals and dreams down in one place is that it gives your goals accountability. However, if you then stow the list on the top of the wardrobe where you might come across it in ten months’ time, it won’t be of much use!

Decide on a place to keep your list: be it online, in a diary or even on the fridge- just ensure it is in a visible place where you can check back and update your progress.

  1. Setting deadlines

So you may have written down your goals and carefully stored them, but… now what? It’s time to consider the realities of how to achieve your goals and that means getting organised. Part of the challenge is fitting highly aspirational goals into everyday life, but here’s where long and short-term deadlines are essential.

For example, if you are desperate to see the Sakura (spring cherry blossom) in Japan and it’s January, you may have some planning ahead and budgeting to do. On the other hand, if you’d like to go on a whiskey tour of Scotland, this might be just the time to start planning your journey.

Whatever your goals, now is a great place to start. Happy listing!

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