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Christmas Shut Down

Christmas Shut Down

How to prepare for Christmas shutdown: what not to do (and what you really should do!)

The decorations have been up in the office for weeks now; you’ve sent your last email and your party clothes are well and truly ready for an office outing, but how prepared are you really for the big Christmas shutdown?

Whilst you’re winding down nicely to a well-deserved holiday, have a look at our guide of what not to do. We have, of course, included our top tips and savvy solutions to set you back on the road to jollity in the event of encountering any of these hiccups:


Scrimping on ‘last week’ communications

You may know what your agenda is for the last week, but many fall into the pitfall of overlooking other members of the team. Although being focused on meeting deadlines and preparing your workload for the last week before shut-down is undoubtedly a good strategy; if you work with a team, you will inevitably end up with more to do!


Solution: Ensure that you are fully aware of other staff members’ last scheduled days of work and that they are fully appraised of your expectations for both before the shut-down and on return. This is also a great opportunity to thank them for their hard work and wish them a Merry Christmas also!


Forgetting to set your out-of-office email

It’s 8pm on Christmas Eve and you are just about to sit down with a much-anticipated mince pie and glass of port but suddenly an important looking email from a client pings on your phone. Do you:


  1. Look at it anxiously, hoping that it’s nothing you have to action until the New Year, or…
  2. Turn your phone off, secure in the knowledge that your meticulously worded out-of-office reply will give all the information they need to know between now and the New Year.


Solution: No-one wants scenario A to be their Christmas Eve experience, so make sure that you’ve set an out-of-office email and voicemail message before you switch off on your last day: work stays at work and you get to enjoy an uninterrupted Christmas at home!


Neglecting to prepare a to-do list for the New Year

It’s your first morning back from your Christmas shut-down and, in addition to the mountain of paperwork and emails that Santa’s elves somehow managed to deposit whilst you were away, you are left trying to pick up the threads from last year’s to-do list.

Solution: It can be very tempting to just leave things as they are at the end of the year. However, if you want to hit the ground running on your return, making a to-do list with any relevant information that future-you may find useful can make that first week back much more productive and enjoyable.

We wish all of our clients and followers at Maxine Concierge a wonderful Christmas and a very happy New Year.

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