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Why is having a wedding planner important?

Why is having a wedding planner important?

For most couples, getting married is one of the biggest adventures they have ever embarked upon and, quite naturally, they want their wedding day to be the best day of their lives. However, getting from the ‘would you’ to the ‘I do’ moment can take a lot more planning, organisation and preparation than most couples can imagine.

After that first bottle of champagne and the happy news has been shared with the nearest and dearest, the next big question is: what do you want your wedding day to look like? There are many different incarnations and ways to get to that perfect moment; whether you envisage being on a sunny beach in Mexico or in your cherished local church.

For a wedding day that is truly special and reflective of your bond as a couple, it can be an absolute blessing to have some help and know-how along the way. No one wants to be procrastinating over place-settings after all, the key is to keep it fun, relaxed and exciting.

The big three

Which is why we have given you three main reasons as to why having a wedding planner can be incredibly useful:

They are in the know

Need to find peonies in Autumn? Or source bridesmaid dresses which match the colours on your mood-board? Whilst miracles are usually few and far-between in real-life, having a wedding planner in the know, with the right connections and knowledge, can help make the impossible a reality.

They understand the budget

All too often, it is easy to get swept up in the glitz and excitement of wedding fairs. Before you know it, you have been talked into blowing the budget on a whole load of ‘necessities’. Having a wedding planner can allow you to be more objective in your spending decisions and offer budget-friendly solutions that are just as impressive as the ones on show at wedding fairs.

They share your vision

Having someone in your corner from day one who shares your passion and drive to make your wedding day the day of your dreams can be a godsend for the busy couple. Whilst friends and family can offer their ideas with the best will in the world, often this can leave couples feeling like they are having to water down their dreams.

A wedding planner’s main priority is the couples’ vision and that will remain foremost in their minds as they help the couple to navigate the exciting journey to their wedding day. There should be no politics or pressure to reach a particular decision, the focus remains on the couple and making the whole process fun!

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