Month: September 2018

Back to school feeling – dread or delight?

Back to school feeling – dread or delight?

Why is it, as adults, some of us get that ‘back to school feeling’? The change of season and that crisp autumnal-chill in the morning makes us realise the summer is finally over. Light summer nights are coming to an end; darkness of winter will soon be upon us. Don’t despair! Think of it as a positive. Season change is great opportunity to get organised, set yourself goals and challenges similar to January; why wait until the New Year to face things head on?

Whilst on holiday, I read a book called ‘Eat that Frog’ by Brian Tracey. It teaches you how to face your biggest tasks (those you’ve been procrastinating over for a while). The book describes this as your biggest ‘ugliest frog’. I have been following this approach to my work and it has made a difference in my productivity and assertiveness. My biggest ‘frog’ was actually this blog! Tackle your biggest task first, do not do tasks that have little impact on your day or week and do not get distracted by technology. This method makes you feel more motivated and therefore you achieve great results. If you’re finding it tough to beat the holiday blues and get back into the swing of things, take a look at the guide below.

How to set and achieve goals…

  1. Write a list of all the things you’d like to achieve by a certain point in time. Start with something that will take a few weeks or months at first.

  2. Write down all the steps you need to take to achieve your goal.

  3. Write down all the tasks that are stopping you achieving your goal.

  4. Look at that list and identify things that make little impact or are low down on the list in helping you achieve your goal. What has the least impact? Does it really matter if you do not do a particular task for a few months or ever?

  5. Re-look at Review/Revisit (might be better than re-look) the important tasks.

  6. Make a daily, weekly and monthly list of the important tasks (things that will enable you to reach your goals).

  7. What is your biggest and most unpleasant task? Start with this first or ‘chip away’ at it breaking it down into smaller tasks like a piece of cheese; one bit at a time!

  8. Always start your day with your biggest task (your biggest, ugliest ‘frog’) once this is achieved you will be naturally motivated to do more.

  9. Don’t be a slave to technology; switch off your phone. Once you’re doing a task stick with it and complete it. Do not be tempted to check messages or emails; they will still be there in an hour. This distracts, and you will not complete you biggest task as you will be sidetracked.

September is the ideal time to declutter or have an ‘Autumn Blitz’. Focus on one thing at a time. For example: the kitchen – what is the worst cupboard? Start with that, then move to the next cupboard and then change rooms. It’s a great time to pack away those summer clothes and pull out those snug jumpers or change to a thicker duvet. Don’t forget to keep a few summer items out for those out-of-season days – we all love in autumn!

If you’d like help to alleviate your stress-levels and reduce your busy agenda, freeing up time for yourself, hobbies and people that matter the most Contact Maxine on:

07863 235 901 and we can have a look at what your ‘biggest ugliest frog’ is and make a plan to tackle it together one day at a time!

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