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It’s the holiday countdown….!

It’s the holiday countdown….!

Mary Poppins meets holiday planning

Have you ever felt that one minute you have all  the time in the world to plan a holiday and the next minute, time has simply run out and you’re left with a bucket full of stress!

Wouldn’t it be great to take a leaf out of Mary Poppin’s handbook, click your fingers and voila you have bypassed the prep stages!

Planning your holiday should be fun and exciting, but for many it can be very stressful. You feel pressure to create that ‘perfect’ trip, visit five thousand landmarks, museums & seven wonders of the world not to mention dining in the crème de le crème of restaurants. The pressure to get it just right can over shadow what the trip was for and quite often, you need a holiday to recover from the actual holiday.

Don’t despair, holiday planning can be stress free!

If you are seeking the perfect holiday countdown, look no further! Giving you a top tip rundown of holiday planning 101 without having to invest into a carpet bag:

Prep, plan & pinpoint:

  • Documentation is essential: check dates & validity of all passports & visas before you even begin!
  • Mood board for holidays: Map out countries you love, sights you want to see & attractions you want to visit on a large sheet of paper; helping you visualise where you want to go and what you want to do (Blue Peter fans, you will love this!)
  • The who & what: Find out what your fellow travellers want out of the holiday and brainstorm ideas together (great to add to the mood board too!)
  • Eat & Watch: Create a list of the type of foods you love as well as your entertainment preferences. This will help with the holiday schedule!
  • Check the weather: The picture may look lovely, but is there a tornado on the horizon?
  • Shop around: For every provider there are at least three more that are cheaper! Spreadsheets are handy at this stage!

The key essentials

  • Passport, visas & plane tickets: originals & photocopies (hidden in your suitcase)
  • Hand luggage that doesn’t weight the same as your suitcase!
  • The 2:1 technique: pack two tops for every bottom!
  • Plastic bags for the airport! Don’t forget to read the specs before you leave home!
  • Travel itinerary: write out the times and dates of every mode of transport you use!

And don’t forget to…

  • Leave a key to your house with the neighbour
  • Give the holiday details to a trusted friend
  • Sign up for travel & health insurance!
  • Breathe!

If you’d like help in taking your holiday planning to a stage that has you bursting with excitement, email me at : or call 07863 235 901 and I’d love to map out those holiday joys, one day at a time!

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