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Holidays from home – Your staycation

Holidays from home – Your staycation

Holidays: stress in a suitcase

Have you ever felt exhausted after prepping for a long-awaited holiday? Felt discouraged or even demotivated to go on the trip which has felt like it’s had a lifetime’s amount of planning?

Holiday prepping can be incredibly tiring if not expensive. From the accommodation to flights, activities to meals, and not least the packing essentials, costs can run high! And then suddenly, whoosh, you’re off on the plane, one drink, a disastrous beach outing and a dose of the common illnesses and the holiday is up leaving you pining for a break to recover from the holiday break you just had!

Close the purse & run for the hills

That’s not to say a holiday abroad should be avoided but to ease the stress levels (and the purse) below are our top three reasons as to why a stay-cation may be your ideal choice for this year.

Local history: From churches to cathedrals, historical towns to ancient ruins; staying at home gives you the opportunity to explore your local history easily & without excessive costs. Most cathedrals and museums will offer annual passes for under £20.

Theatre & cinematic trips: With school holidays reducing popular Blockbuster films to a fraction of the cost for children, to August’s ‘buy an adult, get a child free’ on selective stage productions; day trips can be incredibly entertaining. And better still you can return home, content and still have enough change for a little dinner treat!

National parks: The UK is full of quintessential and glorifying national parks across the English countryside’s. Explore nature’s finest with families, friends or even work colleagues; giving you time and spectacular surroundings to rejuvenate and reenergize.

Holidays from home can be the perfect getaway without going over the budget; giving you the opportunity to break up the year in mini, affordable breaks.

To help explore the best of the best from your very home, I can help plan, source & set out day trips doing the things you love at a fraction of the cost. It is always better to be prepared so you avoid any unexpected surprises. This way you can just sit back, relax, and enjoy the journey.

If you’d like help to alleviate your stress levels and reduce your busy agenda, freeing up time for yourself, hobbies and people that matter the most, email me at

Holiday staycation

Holiday Stay cation or call 07863 235 901 and I’d love to plan out those day trips and stay-cations, one day at a time!

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