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Wardrobe refresh

Wardrobe refresh

Giving your wardrobe a well-earned makeover

So Spring has finally sprung! Those sunny days which saw half the nation packing their winter clothes away, dusting off those shorts and pulling out those slightly tight summer tops may seem like a distant memory but don’t despair!

Although the winter breeze is throwing our hair styles off balance, every wardrobe is always in need of a well-earned makeover and what better time than to start when the rain pelts against your window! With the long-awaited bank holidays coming up, put a spring in your rail of clothes and let’s hit the next batch of sunny days in style!

Wardrobe health check

But why the need for a declutter and a refresh? Is it really necessary? The simple answer is yes it is! Not only does it give you chance to revaluate what you have hanging up, but gives insight into what needs updating, changing or even donating to your local charity shop.

From bold shades to comfy loafers, spring fashion is setting the way for striking clothes that sit comfortably against our bodies as well as our feet!

Six tip lowdown

So dig deep and let’s talk you through the top six tips when revamping your clothing collection:

Modify & stylize old garments: have an old dress, t-shirt or pair of jeans? Turn up the sleeves of the top, make cut off’s in the thighs of the jeans and accessorize the dress with a bold coloured belt or necklace. Upcycling made easy!

High five to tie-dye: 90’s must have but not completely archaic! Trying experimenting with dyes and elastic bands on last year’s top which you love but don’t want to discard due to that persistent wine stain! Trusted top kept, redesign complete and all through a simple jar of dye!

PJ’s into clothes: Have an overgrown t-shirt or knee length top that almost looks too good to be PJ’s? Don’t stop at the thought, try it on with a curtain rope wrapped around the middle. Hike up one side of the top and sew a running stitch about 10cm long. Believe me, it looks more stylish than you think!

Faded & tired: If the garment is beyond repair of upcycle capabilities, it is time to donate! Donate everything that you know you will no longer wear, but don’t forget to save the pants for the actual bin!

Trusted cardies: Don’t discard all those winter clothes just yet. Cardigans and jumpers come into use at any time of the year. Instead, why not keep a handful of trusted favourites in the wardrobe or on the top shelf and store the rest in the attic for our actual winter season!

List-making: Finally, once you have sifted through your current collection, make a list of what is needed and where you could get them from. This gives you focus when shopping especially if you are on a budget!

Can’t face doing this exercise alone? Have no fear, clothes are my ‘thing’ especially other peoples! There is nothing I love more than going through my client’s wardrobes, helping you organize, revamp and revitalise. I can even take your charity items to the shop giving you time to relax!

If you’d like help revamping your wardrobe, boosting your confidence and that opportunity for a well-earned treat, email me at or call 07863 235 901 and I’d love to bring fun to your door, hanger by hanger!

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