Month: April 2018

A Lifestyle PA is more affordable than you think.

A Lifestyle PA is more affordable than you think.

Stamping out the PA illusions

Lifestyles Personal Assistants (PA) tend to be seen as runarounds for the rich and famous. We know celebrities have one but we never see their name or photo in the paper. But what is the reality of having a PA at home and do you really need to earn a certain income to employ one?

In today’s society; stresses are mountable. From juggling work, combatting transport links, busy home life with parenthood, often time spent socializing is pushed to the bottom of the agenda; as for hobbies or something ‘fun’ it becomes as dormant as the screensaver on your laptop.

Although we may dabble in hiring cleaners or gardeners our reluctance to employ someone who can help us manage our stress loads is palpable but it doesn’t have to be. Lifestyle PA’s offers the chance to focus on what is really important, be it your career to your role as a parent, friend or a relative at a special occasion. A Lifestyle PA helps you to turn your efforts to what time otherwise passes by on; helping you with errands, jobs around the house, party organization, travel bookings etc.. It gives you the chance to breathe a little and do the things you love!

Stress Awareness Month

Stress can have an catastrophic impact on your health as well as your relationships. In light of April’s Stress Awareness Month; give yourself opportunity to identify the stresses in your life, isolating what is stressful, how you could manage it and time constraints. You will be surprised by the answers you write down.

I conducted a similar exercise with a pilot group of ‘busy professionals’ asking how stressed they felt, what were the main stress conductors and how they would destress/or like to destress from them.

Their answers? ‘Getting on top of their ‘to do’ list, not enough hours in the day and too much time spent at work’. After working, they just wanted to come home and relax, creating a mountain of extra jobs come the weekend. A weekend that would otherwise be dedicated to socializing, day trips or hobby events.

Affordability and Time saving

Delegating mundane jobs can significantly alleviate stress levels; helping you to focus and concentrate on what is important, what you enjoy and what is paramount in your life. The most common questions I get asked is ‘how much is a Lifestyle PA’, and ‘I can’t possible afford someone to do what I can do for free’. My advice is always the same: how much do you truly value your time? For the price of a takeaway not only can you reduce stress to concentrate on more exciting and profitable tasks but it can help you maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Lifestyle PA’s are not for the rich and famous; they are for any one person who wants to reduce stress and make time for what is precious in life.

If you’d like help to alleviate your stress levels and reduce your busy agenda, freeing up time for yourself, hobbies and people that matter the most, email me at: or call 07863 235 901 and I’d love to bring happiness to your door, one day at a time!

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