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How To Achieve A Stress-Free Christmas – Yes It Can Be Done!

How To Achieve A Stress-Free Christmas – Yes It Can Be Done!

How to achieve a stress-free Christmas – Yes it can be done!

It is that time of year when Slade and Wham are on repeat 24/7; decorations are piled high in dilapidated boxes dragged out of the attic and you know that time is running out! But what can you do? Before you reach for the eggnog/mulled wine/vodka let’s get organised! Giving you that stress-free Christmas and a season to truly be jolly!

One-month preparation begins now:

  • Give yourself enough time to prepare, plan & deliver invitations for a Xmas gathering
  • Be brutal and use November to declutter and clean the house ready for the swarm of activity
  • Give yourself time to test and purchase new Christmas lights and make your tree truly sparkle!
  • Always buy more Christmas cards than you need – they really are timeless
  • Better still, start writing those cards pulling in relatives and friends to help with writer’s cramp!
  • Christmas lists will help assess who you need to buy for and what budget you need to accommodate
  • Shop around before you commit. Chances are if one shop stocks an item, five others will too!
  • Try to wrap your gifts little and often, in front of the TV, listening to music; making the tasks joyful!
  • Start looking around for that perfect Christmas outfit – there will be plenty around!
  • Plan and prepare your meals and snacks for Christmas, buying a piece each week to save that manic shop!

The month is upon us:

  • Assign a weekend preferably at the beginning of December to put up the decorations and spend the days listening to music for motivation
  • Schedule online purchases to be delivered at the beginning of the month giving contingency time frames!
  • Research and ask around for local butchers or tree yards – supporting your community in the process
  • Get in contact with friends and family and confirm gathering dates and times
  • Delegate Christmas responsibilities – who will cook, who will buy gifts for whom – help is always available if you only ask!
  • Purchase last minute snacks and more perishable foods – you can never have enough food in the house
  • And breath – always find time for yourself to immerse yourself in the season and enjoy the festivities

Christmas will always be a stressful time of year but the key is to manage and prepare for the big day! Note taking and list making can help offload the stress and give you a good night’s sleep! Prepare and execute little and often – Christmas can truly be the most wonderful time of year…if only you let it be!

If this all seems too much and you’d rather spend  more of your precious time doing the things that make you happy ,please do get in touch as I love to organise!  especially at Christmas time. I can help with  gift purchsing, wrapping, decorating, ordering, arranging, party planning and much more.

If you would like me to help you achieve a stress-free Christmas, please contact me on:

Telephone: 07863 235 901

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